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Massage For Bigger Boobs – Does Massage Work?

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The reason behind massaging the breasts is to help the body rid the breasts of toxins from the lymph glands. Not only that, but it also will help to bring nutrients that are essential to breast tissues.

Massage for bigger boobs will increase the circulation of the lymphatic fluid in the breasts, and this will help to promote breast health. Some even believe that this can help to prevent malignant breast disease.

You now understand why it works, so let me talk to you about the best way to massage breasts for breast growth and breast health.

Get Things You Need Together

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have everything that you need prepared. Find a place that is quiet and comfortable so that your body will be able to relax. You should also get some oil to massage your breasts. I recommend that you use sesame seed oil because sesame seeds make boobs bigger, even if it is by just a little bit.

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You Are Ready to Get Started

Remember to relax your body. A good way to do this is simply by taking in some deep breaths, holding them and then letting them out. Don’t skip this step because you need to allow your body to relax.

Now it is time to get to work. Simply dip your finger tips into a bit of the massage oil, then you can use your fingers and slowly and gently smooth the skin away from the nipple of the breasts.  Make sure that you do not press down because this could flatten the vessels in your breasts and stop the flow of fluids and toxins.

Now you should knead your breasts gently. This means that you would gently press and lift your fingers in various places of the breast, but not the nipples.

Now you can gently use your fingers or your hands, whichever is more comfortable for you, to twist the breasts. Do this in a counterclockwise and clockwise direction. You should not put too much tension on the breasts. Remember this all must be done gently.

This should be done for at least 15 minutes in the morning and at night to see any type of breast growth.

I understand that you may not have time for this every day because I didn’t have time for it every day either.  While I still do recommend breast massage I also used Triactol to make my breasts bigger. This should answer your question of “Does massage for bigger boobs work?”

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