bottle of triactol by a mirrorGirls always ask me “Is Triactol permanent?” when they are considering using Triactol. I suppose what they mean by this is: After I use Triactol, are my results going to go away or are they going to stay?

Triactol works in an interesting way. When you use the cream it tightens your skin, lifts your skin, and for the enlargement, it strengthens milk ducts and increases fatty tissue gains in the breasts.

The company says, when you want natural breast size increase you use it two times per day, and when you want to keep up results, you use it one time every other day. If  you stop using Triactol, that doesn’t mean that your breasts are going to shrink instantly. If you want to keep results that you have gained, I suggest using the product once every other day.

If you stop using Triactol, the same thing that happened to your breasts before is going to happen – you will age. When your breasts start looking sad, you can just get some more, OR you can just keep using it one time every other day for upkeep. This is cheap if you think about the money that we pay for make up and skin cleansing. You spend a couple of bucks a month, and you’ll be able to keep up your youthful breasts.

The answer to your question is: Yes, Triactol is permanent. Your breasts will not shrink when you stop using it.  Your breasts will not be cemented in time, however, so as the years go by you are going to notice some changes.

When you use Triactol,you are going to see such a quick change you are going to fall in love with it, just like I did. Triactol is no longer available so make sure to read the Brestrogen review now.

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30 thoughts on “Is Triactol Permanent?

  1. Cassandra,

    First off… congrats on the boys! I love my three dearly. With Triactol you don’t have to take any pills which is nice. Once you get your boobs to the size that you want them to be, you can use the gel once a day every other day and keep the size up. Easy to do and totally worth it. I hope this helps!

  2. I had two son’s and i am in a b34 I do want my boobs to be bigger then what they are. I had tryed everything to get them bigger. My boobs used to be a c38 almost in a d i think and i have tryed playing with them and taking pills to help them grow but when i was done taking them they shrunk back into a b i just want nice boobs that me and my soon to be husband can love. i see all thease women with big boobs and there perfect i want that for my self as well

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