Do you remember whenever your partner was super attracted to you? Do you remember the extreme tension in the room whenever you were together? You both could hardly keep your hands off of each other. After you’ve been together for a little while it may be a little different and you could find yourself wishing that you were able to make them feel that way again. In this article we are going to talk about increasing your ability to entice your partner.

# 1 – Your Looks

There are many different things that can be pooled together in the category of looks. You have your physical looks and then you have your look as in your style or the fashion in which you like to dress. Both of these have to be at the top of your list whenever you are enticing your partner.

Making sure that your body looks great by working out, eating a proper diet and keeping body hair kept properly are all parts of how you look physically. How you dress, how you comb your hair and things of this nature all have to do with style or fashion.

Whenever you have both your physical and your style together you are going to create a person that is very enticing and will allow you to have confidence. This brings us to the second point which is confidence.

# 2 – Your Confidence

Whenever you are confident you are one of the sexiest people in the world and your partner is going to see the difference whenever you raise your level of confidence. You do not have to act like you are stuck up or better than anyone to show confidence. Whenever you are confident you walk a different way and you talk a different way. This is what is going to give you the results that you have in your life.

These are some simple things that are going to play a large part of how you are able to entice your partner. Make sure that you get these in place before you check into the how to of things. This will make sure that you have a strong foundation that will enable you to get the results that you want as you are building up to super sexy. This means you are going to increase your ability to entice your partner more than you would have ever believed possible.

man on the phone and woman trying to hear what he is sayingAre you suspicious that your man is seeing someone else on the side? Men can be real jerks, but sometimes we can overreact a little bit. We want to make sure that we don’t mess anything up by going overboard. Let’s look at how to tell if your man is seeing someone else on the side.

The last thing we want to think is that our man has someone else that he is sleeping with or maybe just dating. We want to believe that our man is always going to be faithful and do the right thing by us. That sounds great, but sometimes that is simply not the case. That is why you need the below information.

Sudden Change In Work Schedule

If you notice that your boyfriend or husband begins to work different hours, this could be normal, but it could be something to look out for. You can drop by his work to give him something he forgot at home, or give him something special. If he is not there, you have reason to believe that something is going on. Even that is not enough evidence though.

Failing to Make Eye Contact

If your man starts to look away and can’t hold your gaze for any amount of time, this could be a sign that he has someone else on the side. Try looking him in the eyes whenever you are holding a conversation to see if he can keep talking to you and look you in the eyes or if he has to keep looking away?

Kissing and Having Sex Less

Men want and need sex. If your man is not having as much sex or kissing, he may be getting it elsewhere. If he has recently began a new job however, this could be the reason he is not kissing as much or having sex. He could just be tired.

Strange Phone Calls

Does your man get strange phone calls or texts? If he does, this could be a big sign. While you don’t want to go through your man’s phone and see what is going on, you also don’t want to be left out in the dark. You have to make the call on whether to go through the phone or not.

Now you know more about how to tell if your man is seeing someone else on the side. This information will help you increase your ability to spot a liar as soon as possible. Now you can make your decision on whether you man is worth keeping or not.