As you are walking in the mall or in some other public place you may notice that there are lots of women there that have large breasts. They all look as if they are so confident displaying their big beautiful breasts. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to have that same confidence by having larger breasts? In this article we are going to talk about some different methods you can use to increase your breast size.

The most common way to make your breasts bigger is of course by means of breast enhancing surgery. Breast enhancing surgery has been around for years and there are thousands of women who have gotten great results out of using a good plastic surgeon who uses great materials for the enhancements. There are also quite a few women who can tell you horror stories about what happened to them whenever they went under the knife.

If you do not want to get implants you can think about getting fat transfers. Basically you will take fat from one area of your body and put it into your breasts. This will allow you to have results in some cases but in other cases you may notice that you are not able to get the results that you want due to the fact that you are fluctuating in weight. This could cause you to lose the fat that they just placed into your breasts.

Another thing that you should look into is herbal breast enhancement. There are many different breast enhancement herbs that can be used to make your breasts bigger but there are only a few that are very effective. Doing the research necessary to find out which of these products is going to enable you to get the results that you want is going to allow for the best results.

Find a product or method that is going to work for you and go with it. Not everyone is going to use the same product or method and that is okay. You need to do something that you are going to be comfortable with so that you will continue and get the results that you want without having to worry about it. You should also look for a product or service that offers a money back guarantee so that you will be able to get the results that you want without any risk.

measuring breast sizeIf you are considering a fast transfer to breasts then you could be sadden when you find out that you are only supposed to be able to get a cup size increase whenever you use this technique. I understand that you could want more results but this is not going to be a procedure that allows you to get double Ds.

Those of you that only want to increase their breast size a little bit could want to use this method but I would not recommend it. You know that I am an advocate for bigger breasts without surgery and I do not plan on changing my mind anytime soon. Even though this is true, I am going to talk a little bit more about using fat transfers to increase your breast size.

The Basics of Fat Transfers to Help With Breast Increase

Whenever you want to increase your breasts by using fat transfers the fat will come from your body. If you do not have a lot of fat then this could be a problem. The good news is that there are very few people that have a problem finding fat they want to get rid of. Once you do find that fat it will be taken out of your body and then placed into your breasts.

Doctors thought before that it could cause problems reading mammograms but time has shown that this would  not be a problem and this is why everyone began to move forward. Now there are women using this technique to increase their breasts but if you lose weight you could find your breasts shrinking again.

If you are going to go through all of this trouble you might as well get breast implants since they will not shrink. Those of you that do not want to go under the knife should look at natural breast augmentation options.

If you want to read more about fat transfers for breast augmentation here is a helpful link.

Real Self on Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Don’t get frustrated if you haven’t been able to figure out how to make your breasts bigger naturally yet. There is plenty of information as well as products that can help you get the results that you want. In this article we are going to talk more about growing your breasts.

Natural Breast Enhancement Is Ancient

asian looking girl with cloverThe ancient knowledge that women could enlarge the size of their breasts by natural methods has been veiled for quite some time. More studies have been done, and more natural breast enhancement products have appeared on the market. The appearance of these products is to satisfy the demand for natural augmentation of the breasts.

The sad thing is that with the demand, and jump in number of suppliers that want to meet that demand, there are many companies that did not do their research properly. Since the companies did not do their research properly, they manufactured inferior products. Many times women get one of the inferior products, and they begin to think that the whole of augmentation by natural means is ineffective, but that could not be farther from the truth.

Besides for natural breast enhancement products, what else can you do?

Use These 3 Natural Breast Enhancing Tips to Increase Your Breasts

  1. Breast Massage
  2. Drinking Water
  3. Chest Exercises

Breast massage is a great way to get the blood circulating in your breasts. This will allow your breasts to appear more full. Massaging your breasts when you are relaxed will help you best. If you are too tense you will not experience the full results.

Sometimes your breasts are sagging and small because you do not have enough water in your breasts. Make sure that you find out from your doctor how much water you need to be hydrated enough.

Chest exercises do not directly cause your breasts to be bigger BUT they do cause your breasts to appear bigger because there is a better platform for them.

These simple tips will help you on your way to getting bigger breasts.

woman covering her breastsIf you want to get bigger breasts without surgery by using natural ways to increase breast size, breast massage is one of natural breast augmentation methods you will be able to use.

Breast massage for bigger boobs has been used for many years to help women enhance their breasts. Asians have used this technique the most. Many massage parlors and beauty parlors in Asia have used breast massage because of the satisfying results they have seen.

Benefits of Breast Massage

  • Helps with your breast growth
  • Allows your breasts to be toned and firmer
  • Makes breasts more attractive overall
  • Gives you a sexier bust line

Many women fail to use massage for bigger boobs is because they lack a suitable breast enlargement massage routine. Having a guideline to help with massaging the breasts is often all that is needed to get started.

Many women also find it helpful to use breast enhancing creams to help doing the breast massage. These breast enhancing creams will allow you to increase breast size naturally, reduce friction when massaging the breasts, and make the massage more enjoyable.

Breast Enlargement Massage Routine:

Morning & Evening

At least one time per day you can massage your breasts after a shower. This is a opportune time to massage your breasts since your skin will be soft and pliable. If you are using Brestrogen, or another breast enhancing cream like Breast Actives, your pores will be open at this time. When the pores are open, this is the best time to apply the cream.

Before starting the massage, clear your mind. Take about five minutes to think of nothing, get relaxed, and prepare to enjoy your massage.

If you are just beginning, you should use light back and forth motions on your breasts. Your breasts are sensitive. It is not necessary to be rough with them to get results. While you may notice swelling after a rough breast massage session, this is just because they are slightly injured or because all of the blood is rushing to them.

Once you get used to keeping up a massage routine, you can use more pressure on your breasts. The back and forth motion is always good, but you may also wish to use counterclockwise circles around your breasts. This will help with lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage from the breasts can be inhibited because of bra wearing. Most women are not willing to go without a bra, or are unable to, so breast massage is almost necessary to maintain good breast health.

When lymphatic drainage is blocked, your breasts may experience serious problems. This is because poisons, bacteria, cholesterol, and viruses can build up in your body. Not only will you be able to make your breasts more attractive when using breast massage, but you will be able to help prevent serious conditions such as cancer.

woman with arm up covering her breastThe problem of sagging breasts can not be evaded. Since every woman will deal with breast sagging at some time throughout their life, the breast lift procedure has become immensely popular. In 2010, there were 121,377 breast lift procedures performed in America by board qualified surgeons. This is according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Drawback of Traditional Breast Lift

One drawback many women had noted about undergoing a traditional breast lift was the scars left by the procedure. Scarless breast lifts are meant to reduce the amount of scaring that women see during their breast lift procedure.

Sagging Breast Causes

Sagging breasts can be caused by many different factors. The aging process is one of the most common reasons women experience sagging in their breasts. They do not have to have big breasts to experience sagging. Gravity begins to pull the breasts down, and there is little breasts can do to resist this pull.

Breasts do not have muscles in them; they are made up of connective tissue and ligaments. Connective tissue and ligaments are easily stretched by the pull of gravity. There are things that can be done to either help or harm the situation.

While sagging is going to happen, you can reduce the affects of aging and gravity. Your genes have a great deal to do with the ability of your breasts to maintain their perkiness and lift. Your diet will also affect how your breasts sit on your chest. Whenever you consume a healthy diet, you will allow you skin to be firmer and more resistant to the force of gravity.

Women who engage in sporting activities may notice that their breasts sag quicker than women not engaging in vigorous activities. The bouncing of the breasts can cause the connective tissue and ligaments in the breasts to stretch. A fitting sports bra to hold your breasts firmly in place will help with this problem.

Do not think because you should wear a bra to hold your breasts in place during vigorous activity that you should do this all of the time. If you do not allow your breasts to be free some of the time, your ligaments may shrink and experience atrophy because of non usage. The gentle bounce experienced when walking can help breasts to maintain their connective tissue and ligaments which will allow for less sagging.

Breast involution is a natural process that causes breasts to sag. This process takes place when the milk making system shrinks because it is no longer needed. The tissue will shrink, but the skin will not shrink. Since the skin does not shrink, sagging appears even though the body often deposits some of the fat back into the breasts.

Weight loss is usually a matter of health, but after some women lose a large amount of weight, they notice that their breasts are sagging. The breasts sag because fat was lost in the breasts, but the skin did not shrink when the fat was lost. After battling to get their body back into shape, this can be discouraging.

These women would usually turn to a traditional breast lift. A traditional breast lift is effective at giving a rise to the breasts and allowing them to regain youthfulness. The scarring that takes place during this surgery will fade over time, but even then it will be noticeable. When a traditional breast lift requires a horizontal incision from the areola to the crease under the breasts, this produces the most prominent scars.

The Scarless Breast Lift Procedure

Since women want to avoid scarring as much as possible, the scarless breast lift is now being offered. The scarless breast lift is not fully scarless since all surgery will cause some scarring, but the scars are small and expertly hidden. After a short time, the scars are virtually invisible.

A scarless breast lift is usually done as an endoscopic procedure. The incision often is through the armpit and allows a tiny surgical instrument to enter the breasts. This tiny surgical instrument loosens the breast tissue from the chest muscles, removes a small portion of the breast tissue, and connects the remaining tissue.

After this procedure is performed, the breasts will look perkier, and more lifted. Many women choose this procedure over traditional breast lifts since it is less invasive, allows for minimal scarring, and has a reduced recovery time.

Anyone is able to get this surgery, but it is recommended that women not having very large or very saggy breasts would use this scarless breast lifts. If a woman’s breasts are too large or too saggy, they may not be able to get the noticeable results of that a traditional breast lift could provide.

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woman with arm up covering her breastIf you have been suffering from breasts that are sore and tender, you may be wondering what is going on and what sore breast causes could be giving you trouble.

Depending on the age you are, there are some different thing that could be causing you to have sore breasts. Let’s look at a few of the different reasons that you could be experiencing sore breast issues.

One of the biggest reasons that you may be experiencing soreness of the breast is simply because your breasts are growing. Whenever your breasts grow you will feel some discomfort. This is because your breasts are sensitive and when things change they seem to have sensors that experience even the smallest amount of discomfort in a large way.

During PMS, you may also notice that you experience some soreness in your breasts. Whenever you are going through PMS, your body is dealing with more changes. The only problem with PMS is that you have to go through it over and over again every month. These changes that you experience as known as estrogen dominance, and it simply means that your body has too much estrogen at that time. You will also be retaining water and water in your breast tissue may make them feel tender.

Premenopause and menopause could also be one of the problems.  No egg is released in your body once you go through menopause and since this does not happen you will not produce much proestrogen.  This will cause a hormonal imbalance, and you will again experience estrogen dominance, which makes your breasts sore.

Overweight women also experience sore breast problems from time to time. The reason is because their breasts become heavy and start to sag. When their breasts sag it is because gravity is pulling them downward. When this happens it can be painful. The body of someone that is overweight also has very up and down hormone levels, and this can once again cause a hormone imbalance.

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breast increase exampleBesides for the average cost of $5,000 to $6,000 for breast enlargement surgery, many women are now becoming more concerned about the side effects of breast enhancement surgery. Getting surgery to enhance your breasts could have serious side effects. You should think about this before getting surgery.

Breast enhancement surgery is the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in theUS, but even still, the procedure is still highly controversial. The reason it is so controversial is because of the side effects that can plague women that undergo this procedure. Ruptures and leaks are the biggest things that you have to worry about after you have the implants inside. You may also experience scarring and a problem that is called severe capsular contracture.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture happens as the scar tissue or capsule forms around the implant and tightens so that it squeezes the implant. This may happen in one implant or both implants. This is not uncommon, and some grades of this problem are not serious. There are four different grades when it comes to capsular contracture. These grades are known as Baker grades.

The first grade is when the breast are normally soft and look natural. Grade number two is when the breasts are a little firm but still look normal. Grade number three is when you start to worry since the breast is firm and looks abnormal. Grade number four is when your breasts are hard, you experience pain in your breasts, and your breasts look abnormal.

If you experience this problem, it may be necessary that you undergo re-operation. If you experience grade three or four, another surgery is almost a necessity, but this problem can happen again. A large number of women have had to deal with this problem, and that is why they may want to opt for getting bigger breasts without surgery.

Silicone Implants Over Saline Implants

If you are wondering whether silicone implants or saline implants are the safest of the two, you should know that, in 1992, the FDA banned silicone implants. This was because of the fact that if silicone implants burst, the silicone does not absorb into the body, but it makes its way into different areas, and can cause some serious problems. After some advancements in technology, the FDA lifted the ban.

While saline is safer than silicone, they are more prone to leak and rupture. This means that many women will have to go in for another surgical procedure to have this problem fixed. This can be extremely costly and painful.

A Natural Solution

If you want to know how to increase breast size without undergoing painful surgeries, there are things that you can do. The best thing that you can do is find a natural breast enhancement product. Find one that will be able to give you the results that you want.

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tan lady with arms folded over breastsFor those of you that are not familiar with tubular breasts, you could be scratching your head and thinking of an old hippy saying tubular! Well, that is not at all what this is about.

Tubular breasts are quite a large problem for many women. This issue can haunt many women and push them into getting surgery to have the problem corrected. You do not have to do this to get the results that you want.

What Causes Them?

Tubular breasts are a congenital breast deformity or abnormality. Whenever the breasts are developing during puberty they could fail to develop correctly. The exact reason that this happens is not totally clear. This condition is believed to affect 1 to 5 percent of breast augmentation patients. Since no one is sure why this is caused, no one can prevent it from happening. This is extremely frustrating.

Will Exercise Help My Problem?

One thing that you may have heard is that you can do chest exercises to help this problem. While this is not going to change your breasts, it can provide a better platform for your breasts, and it will help to fill in some of the looseness. You will not get surgical results of course, but it can help whenever you are extremely desperate.

What Is A Real Solution To My Breast Problem?

If you are sick and tired of dealing with this problem,you are probably trying to find something that will allow you to get the results that you want. You don’t want to have surgery since it is risky and expensive.

If you want to get results that can help make your tubular breasts look more round and natural, you need to try Triactol. This product will allow you to experience breasts like you haven’t had before by allowing the breasts to be filled up and lifted.

The results that many women have gotten from Triactol have changed their lives. This is because it has changed their confidence level, and has allowed them to be lifted out of depression. Another thing that is great about this product is the fact that it is an all natural method to help with your tubular breasts. There are no known side effects when you take Triactol. Compared to $6,000 or more for a good surgery you are going to save a ton of money.

Tubular Breasts – Conclusion

While people may not know what causes the problem of tubular breasts, they do know what will fix it. Filling in the breasts and lifting them will allow for a much better look.

Imagine being able to feel confident and sexy once again. You don’t have to worry about being self conscience when you are naked. You don’t even have to worry when you are wearing shirts that might reveal the shape of your breasts. You can get a positive feeling and a delightful look in one shot.

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