blond girl with zippers on her breastsMany times women want to get the quick fix so they go for breast enhancing surgery instead of trying to get bigger breasts without surgery.

This “quick fix” for breast enhancement may not be as quick of a fix as many women believe that it will be.

Some of the drawbacks when it comes to breast enlargement surgery:

  • Cost
  • Complications
  • Recovery Time

Many times women that are looking into getting bigger breasts are not in the best financial situation. There are some companies that will actually offer financing on implants but this can be a horrible way to start out. You’ll have 6,000+ in debts and you will have to go through a recovery period that will take up valuable work time.

Besides for the cost there are many complications that can come with surgeries. If you have watched popular talk shows you may have seen many marred women that have went under the knife and came out very dissatisfied.

  • Lopsided Breasts
  • Scaring
  • Deformity

I have even seen a couple of women that have had their nipples fall off after a certain type of breast enhancing surgery. My motto is if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

This isn’t to say that you should keep your breasts the size that they are – it’s to say that you should look into natural remedies that do not have harmful side effects, recovery time or high costs.

Triactol is a great product that fits all of these criteria. It enhances your breasts without surgery, grows them naturally and uses all natural organic ingredients. Triactol is no longer available so make sure to read the Brestrogen review now.

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  1. Uryadia~

    I’m with you girl. Please keep all surgery tools away from my boobs! :-D

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