woman with head to the side covering her breastsHave you seen news articles that say you can use breast enhancing exercises to grow your breasts, and get bigger breasts without surgery? It is not possible to increase the actual breast tissue through exercise, but you can find out what it will do in the information following.

What Do Breast Enhancing Exercises Do?

If you do the exercises correctly, they are going to make your pectoral muscles bigger, and give them some tone. Having bigger pectoral muscles with nice tone is fine, and can even help your breasts look nice if you get your pectoral muscles in shape, but it’s not going to make your breasts bigger.

If you get too much pectoral muscle and lose body fat, you may look like you have a man chest. This may be attractive on guys, but it’s not so hot on women. This is the reason why many lady body builders have breast implants. The ladies didn’t know that there were other options that could work for them naturally.

What I suggest that you do is use the exercises, but also do something else that is going to allow you to grow your breasts. The best way that I have found to increase your actual breasts is by using Triactol. This is an all natural bust boosting serum that will allow you to see noticeable results quickly.

We are going to look at some breast enhancing exercises that you start today.

Wall Push Ups

When you are starting out with these exercises, you may not be exceptionally fit. One of the things that you can do is go to a nearby wall and place your hands against it. Lower your face towards the wall, and then push back away from the wall. Do these about 10 times, take a break and then do another set.

Modified Push Up

Once you master the wall you can start to do push ups on your knees. These are often referred to as girlie push ups.  Just get down on your knees and get into the plank position. Do these 10 times, take a break and do another set.

Chest Fly

Once you feel you have mastered the other exercises, you can move onto something more difficult. A chest fly uses two weights. Start out with your arms down on the floor, but slightly bent. Once in the position you can start to bring your arms overhead slowly. Do these 10 times, take a break and do it again.

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12 thoughts on “Breast Enhancing Exercises – Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

  1. Ester~

    The exercises work to make your chest muscles bigger, but they do not work to grow your breast tissue. :) Depending on how hard you push, you will be able to increase the look of your breasts considerably. =)

  2. Hi there,

    Do these exercises really work? How much bigger will your breasts grow/ did it help for you ?

  3. Dexy~

    Massaging your breasts will allow them to grow a little bit, but not much.

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