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When you want to make your breasts bigger you may not even be sure that natural breast enhancement works. Whenever I first heard about it, I thought it was too good to be true too. Unless you want to go get surgery, I suggest that you keep reading through my blog, ask questions and let me help you anyway I can.

headshot of veronica brastenLet me share my story about how I increased my breast size with you.

Before I had my first son my breasts were about 34b. That isn’t huge of course, but at least it is something. After having my first son I gained a lot of weight which made me have bigger breasts and then I had another baby and lost a lot of that weight. I was happy until I found out I barely had an a cup.

After finding out I barely had an a cup, I was on the hunt for how I could increase my breast size and find an alternative to breast enlargement surgery. I really looked into getting bigger breasts using surgery, but I was scared. Besides for being scared, it was a lot of money.

What my friend called the Cadillac of breast implants cost about six thousand dollars at the time. They are probably even more now. That really was not in my budget, and it may not be in your budget either.

One day I was driving down the road listening to the radio and I heard a natural breast enhancement commercial. I was really excited, but not sure it would actually work. I said, oh well, I might as well try, right? Better than doing nothing.

I ordered the product, got it in the mail and it contained pills and cream. It was to be used two times per day. I didn’t really see much results and my friend said it wouldn’t work so I pretty much just quit and still have some of the leftovers under my sink.

Then I used the product called Triactol.¬†After sticking with it and using it for the recommended time I was able to get a little over a cup size of increase which was good for me. Added August 5, 2013 – After having baby number three I didn’t do anything to my breasts yet.

Nov 5, 2013 Update – Triactol has recently been taken out of production because the company has decided to go in another direction. Don’t freak out though… there is a product that is even better called Brestrogen !

Increasing the size of your breasts is something you should do for you. If you aren’t the one that wants to increase your breast size, just take a few minutes to think about it. Guys come and go a lot of times. Trust me, I know! While I am not a relationship guru, I have been through a lot of things that are less than pleasant. I am really glad I didn’t get implants just because a guy made me feel bad.

I’m really happy with where I am at now. My husband is too. That’s a good thing. He really likes my breasts and it makes me feel great. Go ahead and look around the rest of the website to see what information you can find that will be helpful.

About The Author: Veronica Brasten is a military wife, mom of 3 boys and has been blogging for over 3 years now. She loves helping other people and can easily be found on Google+.

Learn more about herbal breast enhancement on Wikipedia.

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  1. Samantha,

    Girl I have used it myself and actually right now I am using Brestrogen and have seen even quicker results with it. I hear Triactol is transitioning out of business so if you are going to get it then you better get it now or try Brestrogen. I am going to be updating my review of the product soon as I hadn’t used it when I wrote this review and I am only like 2 weeks in right now.

  2. Hey Veronica

    this product sounds good to me but i’m worried if it has any side affects to it, i’m 17 obviously i don’t want to have any health problems because of this product. so if you can just tell me anything bad about this product or even good would do.

  3. thankuu so much veronica.. so nice of uh.. may god bless uh for the great job uh are doing… :) :)

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  6. can u ask some of your friends who wud be willing to donate some money.. cuz a little effort by them..that may be just 20 to 30 dollars each one cud help a lot getting me triactol.. m totally helpless.. not faking :(